Why Automatic is Better

Most drivers often fall prey to the many misconceptions about cars with automatic transmissions. What they fail to realise is that comfort and ease have always been in the minds of car manufacturers whenever they design and make new models.

While cars that still utilise the stick shift have not yet gone extinct, it can be argued that they are well on the way to being a rare breed.  The number of automatic cars being sold is greater than that of manual ones.

With that in mind, here are a few reasons automatic transmission vehicles actually trumps manual stick shifts:

Ease of Driving

The most obvious advantage that automatic TR cars have over manual ones is the driving ease that they offer. This ease of driving results in a far more enjoyable driving experience. This results in faster and more economical driving as well. Maximum output has never been more evident with automatic transmissions. In addition, manual transmission cars utilize gear oil or oil as opposed to automatic ones that need to employ automatic transmission fluid (ATF).

No More Slope Concerns

Another advantage of having an automatic transmission is that idling at slopes are of no consequence. Ask any driver and they will tell you that everyone dreads driving through slopes at the beginner stage of driving. The simplicity of automatic TRs makes the task much easier.

Faster Development

It is just so much easier to drive using an automatic transmission. This is especially true for beginners as learning to drive with stick shifts often entail a steep learning curve. It takes quite some time and a lot of getting used to before you even master the basics.

Much Safer As Well

This is a rare point most drivers take into account, but it is just much safer to drive an automatic transmission vehicle than a manual. As there is absolutely no need to change gears, your hands can be of use solely on the steering wheel of the car.

Automatic transmissions offer distinct benefits that just make them the better choice. Contact our team here at Citywest Automatic Transmissions for more automotive solutions.

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