Specialty Transmission Repairs Perth

If you are having problems with your transmission, it is important to resolve these issues as soon as possible. Replacing a transmission can be a time-consuming and expensive process. Problems can arise very quickly, and if you have to have any repairs done, you must find an expert that can work on your particular vehicle. Specialty transmission repairs can be obtained from many different companies in Perth, but only a few are well-versed on repairing almost every possible issue. In particular, you may be having problems with your DCT, CVT, or TSG transmission. If you are, you should contact City West Automatic Transmissions to get the help that you need.

What Is A DCT Transmission?

A DCT transmission stands for a dual clutch transmission. Many refer to it as a hybrid which is similar to both automatic transmissions and those with the manual clutch. Within automatic, disengaging the transmission so that you can change gears is done automatically.

On the other hand, if it is done with the manual clutch, you are disconnecting the driveline and the engines drive manually so that the gears can change. A DCT transmission controls the even and odd gear numbers separately. It also does not use a torque converter. When this is not working, you will need to find a professional that can handle these problems.

What Is A CVT Transmission?

This transmission is also called a continuously variable transmission. It is often used in vehicles where smooth transitions between gears are necessary. In fact, it does not possess any gears at all. It utilizes dual conical pulleys which serve as output and input pulleys, combined with a steel belt that will disengage the drive from the engine.

The engine is going to turn the input pully. The steel belt is what turns the output pully. It is this pully which is responsible for connecting the transmission to the wheels. This is a popular transmission because it literally provides infinite gear ratios.

What Is A DSG Transmission?

A DSG transmission uses cutting edge technology to sense how you drive and respond with changing gears accordingly. It consists of two independent gearboxes which are alternately connected to the engine via a dual clutch. The result is a swift, seamless gear change without any loss of traction.

These systems have a series of complex parts including a hydraulic actuator which allows for gear changes without reduction in traction. The system is controlled through a mechatronic, which relies on various sensors throughout the unit ensure correct control.

DSG has a series of modes it can be operated in. Driving modes are Normal and Sport mode. Sport mode extends the gears further and can also change down sooner. For more control, there is also the Tiptronic mode, where the gear changes can occur manually. The clutch is always actuated automatically, even in Tiptronic mode.

City West Auto Transmissions Can Fix Your DCT, CVT or DSG Transmissions

Whether you are using DST, CVT, or a DCT transmissions, City West Auto Transmissions can fix all of the problems that you may encounter. They have decades of experience in this industry, and can easily do gearbox repairs, helping you with any of these transmissions with ease. If you happen to be in Perth, you can contact them by phone, or simply visit their website for more information. It is so important to address small issues related to your transmission when they begin to occur. If you have a vehicle that uses any of the transmissions that have been mentioned, City West Auto Transmissions will be there to help.

If you are experiencing any difficulties with your dual clutch transmission, continuously variable transmission, or your DST transmission, contact this business today. They are ready and willing to provide you with an assessment of what your problem is, and can subsequently resolve the issue quickly. By addressing these issues early, this can help you save money, and they also have very reasonable prices for their services. To find out more information today, give them a call or simply visit their website at: cwtrans.com.au

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