Manual Transmission Repairs Perth

A manual transmission, also known as standard transmission or manual gearbox, is a highly important part of motor vehicles. It employs a clutch operated by the driver and is engaged and disengaged by foot pedal, hand lever, or gear stick. A five-speed transmission applies one of five different gear ratios to the input shaft to produce a different rpm value at the output shaft.

The transmission is a very important part of a vehicle’s drive system. When the transmission fails to work, this means the car cannot be driven until it’s fixed or replaced. Automatic and manual transmissions have some common trouble signs indicating problems or failure to function. It’s important to learn about and understand early signs of problems to avoid high costs of repair.

Some possible signs of transmission problems include hard shifting between gears, knocking noise, dirty transmission fluid, leaks from the transmission, and popping out of gear.

Manual Transmission Service

When you see the above-mentioned signs in your vehicle, it is wise that you seek help from Citywest Automatic Transmissions. Also offering manual transmission services, we use innovative diagnostic equipment to determine what causes the problem. Our skilled transmission specialists will take the necessary actions to solve the problem. Members of our repair staff are skilled in delivering fast and reliable solutions.

To ensure your vehicle is running at maximum performance at all times, it is wise to maintain it with regular manual transmission service from Citywest Automatic Transmission.

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