Manual or Automatic: Understanding the Great Divide

When it comes to the two types of transmission, it is commonly held that it depends on the driver’s preferences. Still, there are things that you should know when it comes to automobile transmission. At Citywest Automatic Transmissions, we’ve been dealing with these systems for many years now. We’ve met clients who are still in the dark on some important things to take into account.

All About Control

One difference often pointed out by drivers who already tried using both transmissions is control. While manual is considered as the most preferred transmission type in terms of driving control, some argue that automatic also offers a wide range of options. After all, drivers can focus more on the road ahead because they are less preoccupied with shifting gears.

Double Gain, Double Trouble

There are vehicle models today that have dual-transmission types, meaning they have the luxury of using automatic and manual features. They come in different terms, such as semi-automatic and hybrid transmission, but most have the similar function of allowing the driver to shift from using manual to automatic anytime.

This also means that once they malfunction, car owners suffer twice the headache. Not only do they lose the benefit of using dual system, but they have to bear the inconvenience of finding expert professionals and incurring costly repair expenses.

Knowing the Real Deal

Preferring a transmission type does not reflect the driver’s identity, contrary to popular belief. In fact, it all boils down to proper usage. Just remember that one type is better than the other depending on the situation. For example, city driving involves many start-stop sequences. In this regard, automatic transmission is better because the engine shifts gear efficiently in acceleration and deceleration.

Ultimately, these two types have particular advantages and disadvantages. If you want more mileage and efficiency of your car, you have to understand the process behind it. Consult us to know more about manual and automatic transmission systems.

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