Driving Habits that Can Damage Your Transmission

Your car’s transmission dictates your speed. Its condition and reliability depend on many factors, including your vehicle’s age, maintenance, and your driving habits. Citywest Automatic Transmissions aims to provide you with all the knowledge you need to keep your vehicle on its top condition. It’s best to avoid the following driving habits to stay away from costly unscheduled repair or maintenance services.

Bad Timing

You might be doing this, but you don’t even know you’re damaging your automatic transmission. When revving your motor in neutral to a high rpm, never shift to any forward gear without taking your foot off the gas pedal or letting the rpms come down. Otherwise, you’ll be putting so much stress on the internal parts of your transmission system. This will cause them to spin and slip. Be patient and composed; shift at the right time to avoid premature transmission wear and tear.

Driving without Servicing

Have you ever heard odd sounds coming from your transmission system? Those are telltale signs of problems. Don’t ever ignore them. Consult with experts like Citywest Automatic Transmissions to learn about the best solution to the problems. You’ll be putting yourself in danger or financial trouble if you continue driving your car even if you’re noticing signs of transmission problems.

Towing Over the Limit

Every car has a maximum towing capacity. If you tow over the limit, the bands and clutches will start slipping and cause them to wear out easily. The transmission can also overheat, as you keep stepping on the gas while towing anything heavier than your car can. This is the worst enemy and primary killer of transmissions.

Throwing the Transmission into Park before the Car Comes to a Full Stop

Your car needs to come to a full stop before going into park or an opposing gear. Your parking pawl will bend and break if you try to shift to reverse mode while the vehicle is still moving. The clutches and bands will slip, and the planetary gear set will sustain damage.

Citywest Automatic Transmissions is your partner in boosting your car’s life and performance. Follow these tips and call us immediately whenever you notice even a single sign of problem with your transmission.

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