Maintaining your Transmission

The Gearbox is without doubt the most important part of your vehicle. Without the gearbox, you cannot really move the vehicle around with control. An intrinsic part of the car transmission, gear box contains a gear knob and a succession of gears. Using gear ratios, the gearbox provides speed and torque conversions.

As the engine of your car rotates at a fast pace, it is the gearbox that makes it functional enough to run efficiently. Gearbox is not limited to vehicles as it is one of the very important components used in industries too. If you live in Perth, it is extremely important to identify the right gearbox Perth professional who knows the issues, functions and mending techniques of this component.

The best technician will know that for any gearbox, the gear ratio is fixed which means you cannot change the ratio. This ratio is fixed while the transmission is being set at the factory level.

Keeping various automobile and industrial needs in mind, gearboxes come in different materials, sizes, shapes and ratios. However all of them are similar in their function. They all convert into high torque and speed output the input of the transporter.

You will find many different types of gearboxes available in the market. Your choice of gear box must be made according to your specific needs. If your vehicle gearbox is malfunctioning and you need to change it, you must take the help of reputed and reliable gearbox Perth professional to identify the right one.

Major types of gearboxes include –

  • Cycloidal gearbox
  • Bevel gearbox
  • Worm gearbox
  • Shaft mounted gearbox
  • Spiral bevel gearbox
  • Sequential gearbox
  • Ring angle bevel gearbox
  • Planetary gearbox
  • Helical gearbox

When the gearbox has served smoothly for a certain period of time, it may malfunction due to various reasons. One of the most common gearbox related issues is that it moves out of place and loses control as it provides torque at such high speeds.

Gears can also start moving firmly with aging as the parts wear out. we will tell you that you can solve the issue either by repairing the existing gearbox or replace it. If you face any issues, take your vehicle to a certified gearbox Perth technician for evaluation. If the problem is not severe, the professional will suggest repair. If the gearbox is beyond repair, then you have no option but to replace it.

It goes without saying that ignoring any gearbox problem could lead to more damage and further expenses in the long run. Gearbox is one of the most important elements in the industry or vehicle and ignoring issues could lead to damage of the vehicle or machinery.

Before you decide to change the gearbox, have a Team memberl thoroughly evaluate the box as new gearboxes cost a fortune. We will first check and systematically check the part and identify if the issue is minor or major. If you think your car is making funny grinding noises, it could be your gearbox acting up. Act immediately to avoid damaging your car further.

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