Common Power Steering Problems

Steering and turning become challenging when vehicles have power steering issues. Most cars now come with this feature, enabling drivers to steer more efficiently even without exerting much physical energy. Through a hydraulic system, controlled energy is added to the steering mechanism. When there are problems, you’ll instantly notice the difference.

Power Steering Leak

Apart from seeing signs of fluid on the driver’s side, a grinding noise also becomes noticeable especially when you turn the wheel. This indicates that you’rerunning low on fluid. If you don’t fix this issue immediately, it can burn out your pump completely.

Cracked Hoses

Some hoses related to power steering may wearout after several years, causing them to become dry and cracked. Before any leaks occur, conduct a periodic inspection of the hoses. Include the other components located inside your car’s engine compartment for a thorough check-up.

Worn Out Hose

As all the parts in the engine bay are situated close to each other, it’s common that these parts will get in contact while the car is in motion. This contact can cause a hole onthe side of a hose. It can also make the hose a bit spongy on one side. If left unattended, it may burst while driving due to pressure. A sudden loss of pressure coming from the hose will make steering very difficult.

Cracked Hoses

Some hoses related to power steering may start to become dry and cracked after a few years. Conduct a periodic inspection of the hose to diagnose this problem early and avoid leaks. Include the other components inside your car’s engine compartment during the inspection.

A Play in the Shaft

This happens when the rack pad located at the back of the pinion shaft or the bush on the left side of the steering rack starts showing signs of wear and tear. When the shaft’s right side moves up and down, the rack pad may already be worn. This is because some steering racks have a plastic rack pad.

If you notice any malfunctioning in your power steering system, contact us for additional details.

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