Why Automatic is Better

Most drivers often fall prey to the many misconceptions about cars with automatic transmissions. What they fail to realise is that comfort and ease have always been in the minds of car manufacturers whenever they design and make new models. While cars that still utilise the stick shift have not yet gone extinct, it can … Read more

How a Manual Drive Works

There are some drivers who just cannot replace the feeling that manual transmission gives. After all, it is perhaps the closest thing that they can get to driving a real race car. Apart from the racing car-like experience, it is the efficiency and utter control that gives manual transmission the edge over its automatic counterpart. … Read more

Common Power Steering Problems

Steering and turning become challenging when vehicles have power steering issues. Most cars now come with this feature, enabling drivers to steer more efficiently even without exerting much physical energy. Through a hydraulic system, controlled energy is added to the steering mechanism. When there are problems, you’ll instantly notice the difference. Power Steering Leak Apart … Read more