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Citywest Automatic Transmission is one of the most trusted names when it comes to automatic transmission repairs in Perth. With years of experience in providing mechanical repairs and services, customers can expect fast and efficient services from us.

The job of an Automatic Transmission Perth is to let the engine operate in its narrow speed range while providing a wide output speed range. Without a transmission, cars would be limited to one gear ratio. This ratio would have to be chosen to let the car travel at the desired top speed.

The Auto Transmission Perth uses gears to make more effective use of the engine`s Torque and to keep the engine running at an appropriate speed.

The Auto Transmission Perth uses a Planetary Gearset,to produce all of the different Gears, Set of Bands to lock parts of a Gearset, Clutches to lock other parts of the Gearset, Hydraulic system to control Clutches & Bands, Gear pump to move Transmission fluid around, just to name a few.

The Torque Convertor sits between the Engine and Auto Transmission.

The Torque Convertor is a type of fluid coupling, which allows the engine to spin somewhat independently of the Transmission. If the Engine is turning slowly, the amount of torque is very small,(sitting at the lights), when you step on the accelerator the engine speeds up and pumps more fluid into the Convertor, causing more Torque to be transmitted to the wheels and so you increase speed and move through the gears.

This simple outline tells you that understanding and repairing a Transmissions are not simple and straight forward, and it takes many years of experience to be able to diagnose and repair the Transmission, of which there are hundreds of different kinds, all slightly different.

Does My Automatic Transmission Need Repairing?

If you are not an experienced driver and do not know anything about the intricate workings of your vehicle, you may not be able to identify auto transmission related issues. Only a trained, qualified automatic transmission repairs Perth professional will be able to identify problems and get the parts working again.

Automatic transmission in your vehicle is a complex mechanical system that is responsible for powering the drive shaft by applying the engine power to it. Over a period of time, as with any other mechanical part, the automatic transmission too is susceptible to wear and tear especially because this part is exposed to constant friction and heat from the interacting and moving components.

One of the main reasons why your transmission may breakdown requiring immediate automatic transmission repairs Perth service is bad maintenance or inefficient addressing of symptoms.

Here are a few symptoms related to automatic transmission trouble you must be on the lookout for.

  • Clunking, whining or humming noise – When there is trouble with your transmission, you will definitely notice it if you are alert. Your car will produce a humming, whining or clunking noise based on its specific model or make. The best way to find out if the noise is related to the automatic transmission mechanism is to take your vehicle to a reputed automatic transmission repairs Perth service immediately.
  • Refusing to go into gear – As you try to move your vehicle, if it refuses to go into gear, there is something definitely wrong. In cars running on automatic transmission, there will be a definite delay in engagement of the gear as you shift or drive or park.
  • Low fluid level or leakage – Fluid leak and eventual low fluid level is one of the major causes of issues related to automatic transmission. Any experienced automatic transmission repairs Perth professional will tell you that the life blood of the transmission system is the automatic transmission fluid. It acts as hydraulic fluid, conditions and cleans the seal and keeps it lubricated. If there is shortage of fluid, you leave the engine at a risk of seizure and complete breakdown.
  • Shaking or grinding – If the ride is not smoother and there are a lot of jerks and shakes, you are definitely in for trouble. In automatic transmission, you will find that there is no more smooth gear transition. Rather the gear takes some time wiggling into place. As the issue progresses, you will find there is more shaking as transition of gears become difficult.
  • Burning smell – This is a major cause for concern as it usually is because of the overheating of automatic transmission fluid. The important function of this fluid is to ensure that the parts are kept cool and lubricated in order to function efficiently. If not addressed by a skilled automatic transmission repairs Perth expert immediately, this could lead to permanent damage and breakdown and eventual expensive replacement.

Look for noise in the transmission while in neutral, slipping of gears, dragging clutch and any unfamiliar noises. If you do identify an issue, rush to the closest automatic transmission repairs Perth service for evaluation and repairs.

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