About Us

Citywest Automatic Transmissions has been operating from the same premises for over 30 years with owners Luke & Jodie Jacoumis providing a professional and personal service. They believe in offering the highest standard of work possible, and ensuring you are given a service that can only be provided by a family run business, honesty and trust worthy guarantee 100%.

Whether it is an old loved vehicle from days gone by to a 21st century modern vehicle, you can be sure it is going to be repaired by skilled, experienced mechanics, with state of the art equipment, and good old fashion courteous service

Luke specialises in repair, rebuild and servicing of automatic transmissions, manual gearboxes, clutch, differentials & power steering. Using the latest diagnostic equipment as a compliment to their knowledge, we aim to provide a comprehensive and professional approach for every customer.


City West Automatic Transmissions was established by Steve and Linda Jacoumis over 30 years ago. Situated in central Leederville, the business quickly earned a reputation as Perth’s premier gear box specialists. Over time they have adapted to changes in the industry and advancement in technology. The result is a business that is loved and trusted by thousands of West Australians.

In early 2020, Steve and Linda handing the business over to their son, Luke and his wife Jodie. Together they have continued the quality and standards in service that sets CW Trans apart. Luke and Jodie have ensured the business continues to be able to service modern computerised equipment as well as old school classics. Most importantly, they have maintained a clear, honest approach to mechanical repairs, ensuring they continue their reputation which has taken over 30 years to build.

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