A Need for Speed: Common Signs of Transmission Troubles

It’s a racer’s nightmare. Shifting into a new gear, but the gearbox isn’t directly responding the way you expect it to. This is a huge hassle as your gearbox controls the speed and the power of the entire vehicle. And unlike other car mechanisms, it experiences more abuse because of too much heat and friction brought by everyday driving.

Know these signs of transmission troubles to avoid paying costly repairs in the future.

Sounds you’ve never heard before

You’re the car owner. So the moment you hear unusual sounds when you shift to a higher or lower gear, it directly indicates transmission problems. With that in mind, it’s always best to get the problem diagnosed as soon as possible to prevent serious transmission damages.

Delays, lots of delays

If you’re noticing delays when shifting to another gear, then you might need a transmission check-up. This is often due to a clutch that needs replacement. Normal and fully working transmissions should immediately work without delays the moment you turn that stick shift to a higher gear or reverse. We strongly suggest to have your car observed to avoid costlier problems.

That burning smell

Burnt smells can be signs of transmission fluid leaking onto the exhaust. This badly demands the expertise of our guys to avoid catastrophic issues.

A light means something’s wrong

Just as your body reacts to ailments through pain, your vehicle will also tell you if there’s an issue through its engine light. While these may not directly imply transmission problems, seeing it steadily lighting means you need to have your car checked.

Transmission problems may be subtle at first. And you may not notice it right away especially if you’re not familiar with the car’s mechanism. But as soon as you experience some of the problems above, call us right away to avoid costly gearbox replacement.

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