4 Options to Choose From When Having Transmission Problems

You can choose from different options when you experience a transmission failure. Each has its own benefits and pitfalls, and your choice greatly depends on your budget and the repair’s quality.

Here at Citywest Automatic Transmissions, we value your money and we seek to deliver a great service. We always keep our customers informed before, during, and after the repair. This is one proof.

Rebuilt Transmissions

Rebuilding a transmission involves disassembly, inspection of damaged parts, and reassembly of a working transmission. We usually start rebuilding a transmission by removing it from the car, rebuilding the part, and reinstalling it. While we may install new parts such as gaskets and seals, the core gears and their alignments remain the same and will still be compatible with your vehicle. This is also an affordable way of getting your car back on the road without completely replacing your entire transmission.

Repaired Transmissions

A rebuild is different from a repair. A repaired transmission is where we fix or replace a specific transmission component without rebuilding the entire transmission. This includes instances where you’re experiencing leaks or shift delays. With a repair, you will only pay for the issue we fix and the labour attached to it.

Used Transmissions

This is not included in our transmission services but some people often find this option more affordable. Since the transmission’s already used, it may cost a lot less than a repair or a rebuild, but it may come with a limited warranty and reliability.

New Transmissions

New always sounds more appealing and this might be one of your first options when experiencing transmission failures. But new doesn’t always mean it’s better. At Citywest Automatic Transmissions, you don’t need to go to your local dealership to request a new transmission. We can diagnose your car’s problem and come up with the necessary repairs so you can get your car back on the road.

In general, your choice greatly depends on the type of vehicle you have and the type of transmission problem you’re experiencing. At Citywest Automatic Transmissions, we will be more than happy to analyse your car’s problem and come up with the necessary repairs. Call us now for enquiries and appointments.

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